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WASHINGTON, D.C. The House has passed a short-term spending bill that keeps the government running for six weeks and buys time for future budget negotiations. The 352-66 vote sends the measure to President Barack Obama in time to avert a government shutdown at midnight. The legislation gives Congress and the White House more time to iron out their differences on a pile of unfinished budget work totaling more than $1 trillion. It also ends a fight over whether some aid for victims of Hurricane Irene and other natural disasters should have been offset by cuts elsewhere.

CUPERTINO, California It's the first time in years that Apple has unveiled a major new product without Steve Jobs presiding over the announcement. The company's new CEO, Tim Cook, was the one introducing the company's new iPhone today -- faster and more powerful than the previous version. Cook took over as CEO after Jobs, who has been battling health problems, resigned in August.

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